Composition IX, 1936

By Wassily Kandinsky, Russian, 1866-1944


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Original Size:
Wassily Kandinsky (1866-1944)
Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
Oil Painting Reproduction on Canvas
Delivered within 4 to 5 weeks
113.5 × 195.0 cm



Painting description

The “Composition IX” is often numbered among surrealism works, though Kandinsky himself denied any influence of surrealism on his works. But it is still obvious that biomorphic shapes are very close to those of surrealists, for example of Joan Mir?.
The painter created only one preliminary sketch for this “Composition IX”, while the “Composition X” was made even without any of it. According to Nina Kandinskaya at that point of her husband’s creative progress the painter was able to “see” the picture exclusively in his head, and then he just revealed it on the canvas. Wide diagonal colored stripes on the background serve as a basis for biomorphic and geometric forms as if soaring above it. The “Composition IX” bears palpable decorative sensation in comparison with emotional depth and expressiveness of his earlier compositions. Source: