Photos to Oil Paintings

Turn Your Photos Into 100% Hand-Painted Oil Paintings can turn your precious photos into genuine 100% hand-painted canvas oil paintings by our master artists. If you have photos you would like to reproduce as oil paintings on canvas, then it is very easy and affordable. We will assign one of our experienced artist to create the masterpiece from your photos. This custom artwork is very special and unique just for you. We're confident that you'll enjoy and treasured your painting for a long time. Below are some of the photos you can send us to have reproduce into an oil painting.

  • Your family portrait photos
  • Your special wedding photos
  • Digital photos that you took
  • Photos of your favorite pet
  • Photos of your house, cars, etc...
  • An image of your favorite painting

Create your own masterpiece easily with three steps as below:

Step 1:
Send us an e-mail with the following:
1) your special instructions, if any
2) your desired size
3) your photo attach to the email

Please note: The better the resolutions of the photo, the better we can reproduce the painting. So please take this into account and send us your best possible digital photos. Having said that, we are professional artists and will do our very best to create your masterpiece.

Step 2:
Once we receive your e-mail we will send a reply (usually within 24 hours) and provide you with a price quote based on your desired size and complexity of the photo. If you agree with the price quote, you can then make the custom order purchase using the link we send you in the e-mail.

Step 3:
Once we receive the order and verified payment, we will begin the reproduction of your painting. It takes about 4-6 weeks to complete the painting. When the painting is dry and safe for delivery, we will pack and deliver the painting to your door. We offer Free Shipping Worldwide.


Our Oil Painting


The table below display custom order pricing and are broken down into the complexity of the photo and size. This table is provided for your reference. Your actual price will be the price quoted in the reply e-mail.

 Size (cm)  1 Figure  2 Figures 3 Figures  4 Figures
 30 x 41 cm  $200  $270  too small  too small
 41 x 51 cm  $220  $290  $350  too small
 46 x 61 cm  $250  $350  $420  $480
 51 x 61 cm  $260  $360  $430  $490
 51 x 71 cm  $280  $380  $450  $510
 56 x 76 cm  $310  $410  $480  $540
 61 x 92 cm  $370  $470  $540  $600
 76 x 102 cm  $410  $510  $580  $640
 92 x 122 cm  $450  $570  $640  $700
 122 x 183 cm  $650  $800  $900  $1000

All Prices include Packaging & Delivery.  

To receive a quote for an alternative size or if you want a quotation for more people in your oil portrait simply email: and we'll get back to you within 24 hours with a quote.