Mast Pine Forest in Viatka Province, 1889

By Ivan Shishkin, Russian, 1832-1898


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Ivan Shishkin (1832-1898)
Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow
Oil Painting Reproduction on Canvas
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78.7 × 107.3 cm



Painting description

On 11 June 2008, the painting was sold for US$2,706,777 at Christie's London (Sale 7598, Lot 41). 

For Shishkin, just as for his contemporaries, Russian nature is inseparable from the idea of Russia, the nation and its fate. In the painting Pine Wood, the artist defines his main theme – a powerful, majestic Russian forest. The maître creates a theatrical scene, offering us some kind of show. His selection of the time of the day is also not fortuitous – noon is given as an image of Russia, full of dormant inner powers. The art critic V.V. Stasov called Shishkin’s paintings “landscapes for epic heroes.” At the same time the artist strives to achieve maximal accuracy in his “scientific” approach to figurative art. His friend, the artist I.N.Kramskoi remarked on this as follows: “The forest is out of the way and the stream is with its iron-rich, dark yellow water in which the whole bottom is visible, with its scattered stones…” They said of Shishkin: “He is a thoroughgoing realist, a realist to the marrow of his bones and he profoundly feels and hotly loves nature…”

Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin (25 January 1832–20 March 1898) was a Russian landscape painter of the second half of 19th century.
His works are notable for poetic depiction of seasons in the woods, wild nature, animals and birds.